win win

Alabama Technology Services was founded on several key principles that drive us each and every day.  These include continuous education and research into all areas of technology, and putting years of experience to work in order to do the most good.  To us, the most gratifying part of what we do is when we get the opportunity to help someone in need and then exceed their expectation.  We feel a very strong sense of responsibility when asked to partner with an organization and to us, relationships are EVERYTHING!

We work hard to be a true trusted advisor by constantly testing new technology to be sure it will work for you.  Customer environments can differ greatly and technology is not a “one size fits all”.  We work closely with you to learn how your company operates so the technology fits within your budget and provides solid return on investment.  Not only do we provide support of the technology after implementation, but we can also provide instruction to both end users as well as IT staff.

The areas of technology we focus on include physical and virtual datacenter infrastructure, application hosting, virtual desktops, backup and recovery, centralized storage as well as providing solutions for on-premise locations.  The following bullet points elaborate on many of the solutions we provide.

  • Big bulky servers can take up a lot of precious real-estate and most often times are underutilized.  A typical server is a 1:1 ratio meaning 1 application running on one expensive server taking up lots of room and consuming power.  With our server virtualization solutions, not only can you consolidate many server systems into one physical box, the systems actually perform better and are no longer “stuck” to one manufacturer system.  The virtual server systems can even be migrated between physical server hosts without any loss of connectivity or downtime.  This solution becomes extremely agile giving you the ability to easily pick up your systems and relocate them if needed.  You will also have the ability to administer all systems from one console, eliminating the need for monitors, keyboards and mice for each system.  You can even build a new virtual system in minutes.

  • If you’re tired of replacing desktops due to age or getting eaten up with viruses, let us show you how to automatically provide a fresh new virtual desktop to your users every day they come into work.  You can also save many hours of labor when it comes to installing applications on those desktops by creating one master image.  This means instead of installing each application over and over on multiple desktops, you perform the work one time and the virtual desktops are built automatically from that point on.  Another advantage of virtual desktops is the fact that all data is secure within the datacenter instead of being left on laptops that can easily be stolen.

  • Do you have users in multiple locations or sales folks out on the road that need access to the company systems from where ever they are?  Let us architect your own private “cloud” system where only your company users are able to access company data securely and from any type of device including their phone.  Anything from typical office related software to high end AutoCAD drawing software, you can have the ability to run it on any device from anywhere as if you were in the office at your desk.  We can build the solution on-premise at your location or let us provide the same solution as a hosted service in our datacenter so you no longer have to concern yourself with IT related overhead.  No more worrying about being tied to a specific machine to accomplish your work.

  • Information Technology is all about using information to stay informed and connected.  We can implement a messaging solution to always stay in contact with others via your desktop or mobile device.  You can also collaborate with company staff by utilizing meeting requests, tasks and free/busy schedules.  Share company contact lists centrally without each user having to maintain his or her own copy.  When someone sends you an email, you will be able to receive it instantly on your phone and other devices simultaneously.  If you create a new contact or calendar event, all your devices will have the same information.

  • One of the most neglected areas of computer systems in both large and small environments is data backups.  Even today, only about 30% of businesses have a backup solution in place.  Out of that small percentage, very few are able to confirm those backups actually work.  Even if the data is complete and the media is not damaged, a business could spend days or even weeks recovering back to the productive state of working systems.  They have the data but no system or applications to use it with.  We can provide a rock solid solution which not only takes all the daily manual labor out of the equation, but in the event of a disaster, will allow you to run your complete systems directly from your backup in as little as 5 minutes!  You should never wait until a true disaster to find out if your backups are good, so in addition to daily successful confirmation reports, you can also easily perform recovery tests in very little time and with zero impact to your current production system.  There will be no doubt your systems are intact when you see them power up and interact with them in an isolated lab.

Throughout our journey, we have built solid solutions and long lasting relationships for banks, insurance companies, hospitals, colleges, automobile manufacturers, food distributers, accounting firms and more.  Whether you require 100’s of servers or just 1, we can architect solutions you will have complete confidence in.  We greatly appreciate any and all opportunities to serve you and look forward to building not only your technology solutions, but a long lasting relationship!