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We are more than just IT geeks, we believe relationships are EVERYTHING!

Just as family members look after one another, we will do the same for you!

No other IT company has more experience when it comes to server and desktop virtualization.  We helped crank it up back in 1999.  You no longer have to be dependent on your Windows PC and can access any application from any device from anywhere.  Whether you’re interested in a cloud computing solution in your own data center or fully managed in ours, you will also have confidence knowing your data is safe and not overseas in the hands of unknowns!

We also specialize in disaster recovery solutions to get you back up and running when your ship has sunk.  A tornado is a major disaster, but the most common one is accidentally deleting important data.  There are also hackers trying to steal your data for ransom.  Don’t wait for any of these disasters!  Call us today and we can implement a solution to recover any and all data as well as your entire data center within minutes!